Scout Progression (Predator to Assassin) Quest

starting map: D05 Freeport: North Freeport
starting location: 08 Jade Tiger's Den Inn
NPC: Emissary Millia
link to map:D05 Freeport: North Freeport | Emissary Millia
optimal level: 19

Fairly easy quest if you know where to go:
1) Meet with Emissary Mitsya in Seafarers Roost in East Freeport. She is upstairs in the tavern. She tells you to intercept a message from an orc runner in the Commonlands.
2) Fly to the Hidden Canyon station in the Commonlands and head east along the mountains (cross the river). Soon you will come to some Bloodskul warriors, priests and lumberjacks. You can find a runner running down the road closest to the mountain near the lumberjacks.
**Note: Do not take the path into the mountain, my advice is to just sit on the path by the lumberjacks and wait for one to run down.
3) Upon giving the note to Mitsya she informs you to meet with a Dranok Bileblood who can be found near the same place as the runners. Once you are by the path by the mountains and lumberjacks, follow the mountain side east. Keep following it until you see an orc tent with war elephants surrounding it. Straight ahead should be a path into the mountains; run down it and Dranok will spawn--hail him for update.
4) He will talk to you as though you are a Derv. REMEMBER: You are a cutthroat and are slick with words. So don't pick choices that look suspicious (i.e. DID I SAY HIM?!?! I MEANT HER!). Once you finish the conversation you wll be zoned into an instance zone for the final part of the quest.
5) You are instructed to kill a Captain by Dranok. Looking at the zone you see all level 40 orcs, don't panic. First, head down to the water hugging the mountain. Go into sneak mode and swim the river to the other mountainside and cancel sneak. **Sneak keeps you from getting a lot of fish adds. Follow the mountain away from the river and you should see a building with the captain on top and a lazy guard outside. Be careful, a level 40 mob circles this building so I suggest waiting for him to pass before attempting to enter the building. Next, run to the front of the building, pull the lazy guard inside and kill him. There are no other aggros in the building and the Captain is not aggro. Go up on the roof and kill him.
6) Head back to Dranok the same way you came remembering to use sneak across the water. He will zone you back to the Commonlands in front of the Sprawl entrance. Go back to Mitsya and your done. Congratulations Assassin!

Cons @ level 19: orc runner = green lazy guard = white Captain = blue Item Awarded: Assassin's Quickblade of Silence +2AGI +3STR +6HEALTH +8POWER (by Tandy (43 Fury @ Toxxulia))

Map: D05 Freeport: North Freeport

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