Hallmark (Qeynos): Becoming a Shaman Quest

starting map: B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos
starting location: 22
NPC: Hierophant Aldalad
link to map:B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos | Hierophant Aldalad
optimal level: 10

Must kill three spirits, in south qeynos. I found the house on the far left street coming from north qeynos. 4th door on the right. when you touch the door its says" To the troubled haunt" once you go in there is a green level 8. After you kill him, when you go up the stairs on the right, there is a blue level 9. Once you kill him, there are book cases behind you. Go behind them and there is a green level 8.
Once you kill that one you become shaman level 10. You also received Aldalad's ring of mysticism +3wis +2str +15health mitigatinon 11 (17 at leve 15) and Aldadlad's Shamanic Tunic +8health +7 power +50vs disease +20vs magic. mitigation 71 (106 at level 15) a note that is a quest and 4s and 32c. (by distraction)

Map: B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos

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