Dane Steelfist, Bureaucrat Quest

starting map: B01 Qeynos: Graystone Yard
starting location: 07 The Frozen Tundra Tavern
NPC: Dane Steelfist
link to map:B01 Qeynos: Graystone Yard | Dane Steelfist
optimal level: 13

Kill 5 Lowland Badgers in Antonica. (behind feels going straight out from the North gate). Go back to Dane, He tells you to kill 8 Grizzled Badgers in Antonica. (follow the road out from North Antonica past the cabin). After going back again he will ask you to kill 10 Timber Wolves. (same place as grizzled badgers).
reward:Danes Boots Danes Chain Boots, Danes Light Boots, Danes Light Shoes

• go to: F00 Antonica -> 23 bear cubs
young timberwolfes
and: lowland baggers are near
• go to: B01 Qeynos: Graystone Yard -> 07 The Frozen Tundra Tavern
and: lowland baggers are near

Map: B01 Qeynos: Graystone Yard

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