Give the key to the Glademaster Quest

starting map: K00 Zek
starting location: 07 Three Toe's Watering Hole
NPC: The Glademaster
link to map:K00 Zek | The Glademaster
optimal level: 1

This is a level 1 quest you receive after you find both of the sewer entrances to Deathfyst Citadel then hail the Glademaster. It's the final step in the Operation Greenhood quest (which, in my opinion, should be listed under Access Quests in the journal because it gives you access to Deathfyst Citadel).
If you give him the key he gives you a quest reward of the choice of one of severeal weapons (Shureshot bow and Mammoth being a couple of them) but no exp (it is, after all, a level 1 quest). There's no completed quest text for it so you'll get a funny message when it dings. You will still have access to Deathfyst Citadel. (by Zechariah Lives, Phantom Knights, Mistmoore)

Map: K00 Zek

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