Becoming a Shadow Knight Quest

starting map: D07 Freeport: West Freeport
starting location: 08 The Freeport Militia House
NPC: Captain Monarvia
link to map:D07 Freeport: West Freeport | Captain Monarvia
optimal level: 18

1) You need to kill dervish go betweens near the cutthroats. These are non aggro dervishes that run between groups of dervishes in the far western part of Commonlands in the Yapping Maze. They were blue to me at 18.
2) The second (and last) part of the quest involved going into the Serpent Sewers and finding the Storeroom (an instanced zone). I believe it was in the SE part of the sewers. When you enter you'll see a large group of Dervish Cutthroats. Some will be easy green aggro (at lvl 18) and 3 others will be easy white non aggros. One of the whites is called a Dervish Kingpin. He will attempt to run away with the other whites while the greens attack. If you take too long with the greens he will escape leaving the other 2 whites. If this happens leave the instance and re-enter. You can start again. I just rushed the whole group and aggroed everyone, killed the Kingpin and mopped up the rest. They had me in the orange at lvl 18.
(by Baronet, Grobb, Shadow Knight, proud member of Shadow of the Dragon.)

Map: D07 Freeport: West Freeport

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