A Tour of the Feerrott Quest

starting map: K00 Zek
starting location: 09
NPC: Hoggle Bogstrutter
link to map:K00 Zek | Hoggle Bogstrutter
optimal level: 36

"I have been hired by Hoggle Bogstrutter and his silent associates to confirm the locations listed in the book "Bootstrutter's Guide to the Feerrott." Quest requires you to have access to the Feerrott and run around the zone locating places listed in your quest journal.
1) Examine the entire book.
2) Travel to Feerrott M00.
3) Visit the Drowning Causeway.
4) Visit the Thulian Glade.
5) Visit the Crescent Shrine (Rallosian Mage Shrine #17).
6) Visit the Murdunk's Fall (#3).
7) Visit the Pyramid of Fear (Temple of Alliz #5).
8) Visit the Ring of Amatra (Destroyed Druid Ring #10).
9) Visit the Secret Meeting (Sentinel Stones #12).
10) Visit the Altar of Four Cannons (#6).
11) Visit the Ruins of Rallos (Tower of Vul #13).
12) Visit the Stone Gullet (Gulch of Thule, near -1,172, 775, it is in a stream that flows into the mountainside. Follow it under the mountain to get update).
13) Visit the two intact Hands of Thule. There are many broken hand monuments, there are only two that are whole: - First Intact Hand (-618, 580, at the south end of the lake). - Second Intact Hand is #19 on the map, near Cynthan.
14) Return to Hoggle Bogstrutter in Zek K00 for reward.
Reward is 6g 8s 9c and about 5%xp at lvl 37 (rough guess on xp, didn't watch the update), and Bogstrutter Runners. Boot stats: +6 Sta +7 Agi +13 Health +19 Power +180 Magic +120 Mental Light Armor (140 Req'd). He also offers you a lvl 46 quest "The Lost Idols of Modinthule", which I haven't done, but appears to be done in the Temple of Cazic Thule.
I did the quest as lvl 37 Conjuror invis most of the time to avoid aggro. See invis mobs near the Temple of Cazic Thule, but otherwise easy to move around. (by Oopsi Diditagain, Grobb)

Map: K00 Zek

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