Heritage: Saving Soles (Golden Efreeti Boots) Quest

starting map: O00 Lavastorm
starting location: 13
NPC: Charly Ashlash
link to map:O00 Lavastorm | Charly Ashlash
optimal level: 40

- Acquire the Goblin Language
- Starts at Charly Ashlash in Lavastorm (wandering NPC, region: -323, -130, -+355)
- Kill 50 Crawlers - Lava crawlers just past the goblins
- Kill 50 Drakes - Volcanu and the lizards near the entrance both give credit here
- Talk to Charly, receive boot. Examine the boot.
- Kill Foulgill the Rotten (lvl 47, at the docks, 2 hour respawn, it's possible that he despawns if not engaged). The timer (2 hours) starts for the following 3 steps:
Bait trap for “The Big Squiggly” (-566.25, -112.93, +410.23)
“a hungry goblin” spawns . . . kill it
“The Big Squiggly” will spawn. (lvl 48/49^^ mob, AE DoT plm 50 dmg), kill it to receive the right boot
- Talk to Tazgar the Efreeti (Temple of Solusek Ro, Lavastorm)
- 4 mobs spawnen, kill them
- Talk to Tazgar the Efreeti
- Kill Fire Giants (Lavastorm) until you get a key
- Disable the 1st spire (in the goblins area near the first hill and it's guarded sometimes by four epic gobs)
- Disable the 2nd spire (in the middle of the lava fields area just before the summit to the temple)
- Disable the 2rd spire (in a pit, past the Temple of Solusek Ro)
- Disable the 4th spire (up the final summit past the golems)
- Kill Magolemus (lvl 50^^^ group x2 mob, killable only if you have disabled all 4 spires within 15 minutes of the pull) (watch the knockback)
- Reactivate spires
- Access to the Bastion of Flames is required for at least one person.
- Kill Efreeti Lord Djarn (in the Bastion of Flames)

(Ronja of Lowland Elites, Runnyeye. Dutch to English translations are provided by Khammar of Renegade Legion, Darathar)

Map: O00 Lavastorm

comments and responses

1. Kill 50 Wormlings and 50 lava crawlers. Ashlash gives you left boot. 2. Kill Foulgill (2hr spawn time) 3. Bait the trap near Fenis Pass with Foulgill, kill the Big Squiggly 48 Heroic mob. Gives you the right boot. 4. Go talk to the Efreeti. Haven't finished this yet but will update later.
Gygea Silverpetal, Faydark, MG, 43 Ranger
27/07/2005 21:13

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