Heritage: Saving Soles (Golden Efreeti Boots) Quest

starting map: O00 Lavastorm
starting location: 13
NPC: Charly Ashlash
link to map:O00 Lavastorm | Charly Ashlash
optimal level: 40

- Acquire the Goblin Language
- Starts at Charly Ashlash in Lavastorm (wandering NPC, region: -323, -130, -+355)
- Kill 50 Crawlers - Lava crawlers just past the goblins
- Kill 50 Drakes - Volcanu and the lizards near the entrance both give credit here
- Talk to Charly, receive boot. Examine the boot.
- Kill Foulgill the Rotten (lvl 47, at the docks, 2 hour respawn, it's possible that he despawns if not engaged). The timer (2 hours) starts for the following 3 steps:
Bait trap for “The Big Squiggly” (-566.25, -112.93, +410.23)
“a hungry goblin” spawns . . . kill it
“The Big Squiggly” will spawn. (lvl 48/49^^ mob, AE DoT plm 50 dmg), kill it to receive the right boot
- Talk to Tazgar the Efreeti (Temple of Solusek Ro, Lavastorm)
- 4 mobs spawnen, kill them
- Talk to Tazgar the Efreeti
- Kill Fire Giants (Lavastorm) until you get a key
- Disable the 1st spire (in the goblins area near the first hill and it's guarded sometimes by four epic gobs)
- Disable the 2nd spire (in the middle of the lava fields area just before the summit to the temple)
- Disable the 2rd spire (in a pit, past the Temple of Solusek Ro)
- Disable the 4th spire (up the final summit past the golems)
- Kill Magolemus (lvl 50^^^ group x2 mob, killable only if you have disabled all 4 spires within 15 minutes of the pull) (watch the knockback)
- Reactivate spires
- Access to the Bastion of Flames is required for at least one person.
- Kill Efreeti Lord Djarn (in the Bastion of Flames)

(Ronja of Lowland Elites, Runnyeye. Dutch to English translations are provided by Khammar of Renegade Legion, Darathar)

Map: O00 Lavastorm

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