Heritage: The Bone Bladed Claymore (Electrified) Quest

starting map: F05 Stormhold Keep I
starting location: 22 The Claymore
NPC: The Floating Sword
link to map:F05 Stormhold Keep I | The Floating Sword
optimal level: 40

- Access to the Tomb of Valor (not positive that this IS required)
- Go to Stormhold and take the sword by the spiral staircase.
- Examine the sword.
- Kill Opalla (lvl 42) in Blackburrow, tacticians room, triggered spawn
- Examine the sword.
- Kill Redak (lvl 40) Troll in Stormhold chapel, triggered spawn
- Examine the sword.
- Combine an ebon cluster (or replacement), with the sword in the Forge in Runnyeye (As soon as you do this you become exiled.)
- Kill 1000 sentient beings (Caltorsis Ruins in Antonica and the newbie Graveyard zone in Freeport work well)
- Kill Gynok Moltar, lvl 47, triggered spawn, in Stormhold at the top of the stairs.
- Speak to Berik, Sword of Thunder to merge the two.

(Ronja of Lowland Elites, Runnyeye. Dutch to English translations are provided by Khammar of Renegade Legion, Darathar)

This is the quest for the Bone Bladed Claymore. It requires you to have started the "A Key to the Past" quest (see related quests), but you do not need to have completed it.

Once you reach level 40 head into Stormhold and grab the glowing sword on top of the spiral staircase. (-150, +6, -96).

After closer examination of the blade you are faced with the task to kill Opalla who is located inside Blackburrow. You can find Opalla directly south of the bridge, in the farthest room. Opalla is Lvl 42 mob.

After defeating Opalla, once again examine the sword and find out you must now slay Troll Warrior Redak who is a level 44 and located in the chapel in Stromhold. Easiest way to get to the chapel is to go down the spiral staircase, go down the hall to the atrium and enter the door to the left of you, Their will be a "pond" in front of you take the path to the right and follow it down until you are in the room with the cavaliers, go up the staircase and follow the hall that wraps around the room to a door that will be on your right. Inside Redak awaits. Redak can hit hard so I recommend a balanced group of 5-6. Soon enough Redak will fall.

Once again examine the sword and find out that you must now re-forge the hilt and bone blade and make it one again. Now the bad news for some of you, In order to re-forge the blade you must have a ebon cluster which you will lose when you forge the sword. You can buy these or mine them in tier 5 zones. Now before we continue realize that once you forge the blade you will be exiled from Qeynos and Freeport until you complete the task after the forging. When you are ready head to Runnyeye and head down the path just past the bridge until you come across the first room with goblins past the archway there will be another room with more goblins, Once you enter the room to the left there will be a small outcove and inside will be a forge and a anvil sitting in front of the forge. Inspect the anvil to reforge the blade. Now the fun part!

Now you did it! You managed to banish yourself from society. Want to rejoin society and get your sweet sword? Get ready to kill....You will need to slay 1,000 sentient beings, no animal killing. This means any non-animal.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Currently you can kill Sentient Beings in any zone, we are not sure if this will change or not. For the time being the best place to grind them is the lower level dungeons such as The Graveyard.

Don't worry you're close now! All that is left is to kill Gynok Moltar, the first wielder of the claymore. He is level 47 heroic mob, and is located where you first grabed the Claymore on top of the spiral staircase. Enter the room and he spawns. Slay Moltar and for the last time examine the sword.

Now, if you have completed the Berik's Revenge quest (see related quests) you will have a option to strike the claymore with Berik, Sword of Thunder. Doing this will create the Electrified Bone Bladed Claymore! If you have not completed than you will can only accept the Bone Bladed Claymore.

(Dequan- Lucan's Del serv)

Map: F05 Stormhold Keep I

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