Heritage: The Journey is Half the Fun - Feerrott Quest

starting map: M00 Feerrott
starting location: 02
NPC: Chon Ar'edli
link to map:M00 Feerrott | Chon Ar'edli
optimal level: 50

The course: Start at Chon
- 02 Temple of Alliz
- 05 Ruins of Thule
- 11 Alliz Tae Outpost
- 07 Bridge of Ulguth
- 14 Tower of Vul
- 13 Alter of the Four Cannons
- 06 Murdunk's Fall
- 03 Back to Chon
- 02

Note: I died at the Alliz Tae Outpost (rooted) and Respawned at Cazic Thule Tent, was able to retrive my shard and still finish with over 2:30 left on the clock. (I am a Ranger Lvl 34)
My Level 34 ~40% exp Net Status gain Guild - 34% at Level 8 Personal - 51000 Legendary Journeyman's Boots "A pair of hasty boots" Legendary LORE NO-TRADE +5sta +8agi +24hp +24pow +280vsHeat +240vsMagic Journeyman's Boots Mitigation 171 at 50 Required Medium Armor (210) Mastery Medium Armor (250) Slot Feet Weight 3.0 Effects: -Casts Journeyman's Boots -Increases speed of target when not in combat by 10% -This effect suspends suring combat. (by Ollimonger, Saecula Saeculorum, Permafrost)

Congratulations! :-)

Map: M00 Feerrott

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