The Case of the Poisoned Wine Quest

starting map: J00 Nektulos Forest
starting location: 04 Bone Lake
NPC: Chel Morgan
link to map:J00 Nektulos Forest | Chel Morgan
optimal level: 30

Chel Morgan is working on several different cases at once and I've offered to help him by doing some of the legwork. Since he's offered to pay me. I'll make some coins too.
1 Gathering 20 variety of plants from fungi in the zone.
2 Talk to Chel Morgan.
3 Gathering 25 plants from shrub in the zone.
4 talk to Chel Morgan.
5 Interview Harold Winemaster at Port Naythex in Nektulos. (Nektulos dock)
6 Report back to Chel Morgan. Chel talk to you and want to know if you think Harold is guilty or not; He ask a question and you've to choose if you think he's guilty or innocent. Answer the first choice : I think he's innocent.
Reward : 2% XP at Level 31; 11 silver 63 copper; and the field investigators evidence kit ( Bag 10 slots) (by Pierpoljak / Mistmoore Server)

Map: J00 Nektulos Forest

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