Lore and Legend: Skeleton Quest

starting map: F06 Stormhold Keep II
starting location: 09 The Library
NPC: a book: Skeletons
link to map:F06 Stormhold Keep II | a book: Skeletons
optimal level: 31

Map: F06 Stormhold Keep II

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This quest is also given by examing the bookshelf in the Kelethin acorn home of Glavarius Marud at loc 292.91, 109.17, 90.84 That is the unmarked house next to the crafting house on the same platform as the Bank.
Dagorlad - Befallen - Warden
15/12/2006 21:54
It works with any skeleton. for some component as the skeleton essence, this is an automatic update that happens randomly when killing a skel.... Good Luck !
04/11/2005 15:55
where can i find or what does it mean retrieve a skeleton essence, it just random from killing hordes of undead?
20/10/2005 08:25
Where do you kill the skellys for quest items or are they rare drops?
18/09/2005 22:31
Skeleton Lore and Legend book is called Skeletons.. it's in Stormhold Keep II in the library (loc -117, -150)
Anais, Mistmoore, Monk
15/08/2005 04:19

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