Stolen Jum Jum Quest

starting map: L00 The Enchanted Lands
starting location: 65
NPC: Deputy Kegie
link to map:L00 The Enchanted Lands | Deputy Kegie
optimal level: 33

You get this quest after completing Deputy Kegie's previous quests. He asks you to inspect 3 areas for clues to the Jum Jum thief. The first two updates are easy, first is inside house on docks and other at granary. The last one is the barrels outside of the Lookout Stump. Careful as soon as you inspect them a 33 halfling pops who you have to kill.
(by Ashender and Cheinara Wraithwalker, Order of Lies and Deciet Kithicor)

Map: L00 The Enchanted Lands

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