Blumble Family Tradition Quest

starting map: M00 Feerrott
starting location: 33 Camp
NPC: Grimble Blumble
link to map:M00 Feerrott | Grimble Blumble
optimal level: 38

Grimble Blumble asked me to collect meat from various creatures in the ferrott that he will use as bait when he is done with Gretchen's Ferrott expedition.
- I need to collect 3 damselfly meats for Grimble
- I need to collect 3 lizard meats for Gribmle
- Greenblood dregs are a good source for these.
- I need to collect 3 bitter bloom worms for Grimble
All of these creatures are easy to find near the Ferrott entrance. They are level 36+. Group sizes range from one to four. (by Bystander, Order of the Ravenclaw, Najena Server)

Map: M00 Feerrott

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