Bupipa's New Amplificator Quest

starting map: B08 Qeynos: Castleview Hamlet
starting location: 01 Mariner's Bell
NPC: Bupipa Guryup
link to map:B08 Qeynos: Castleview Hamlet | Bupipa Guryup
optimal level: 8

Bupipa of Guryup(in Castleview Hamlet) as you to bring her bill of sale to Bizrinn and bring here back her "Amplificator" (by Demitry / Gilwean -- Lucan_DLere)

• go to: B06 Qeynos: The Baubbleshire -> 07 The Qeynos Exchange
and: speak to Bizrinn Clamorclang (by Mirena)

Map: B08 Qeynos: Castleview Hamlet

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