Sir Vlinayle's Request Quest

starting map: F05 Stormhold Keep I
starting location: 04
NPC: Sir Valinayle
link to map:F05 Stormhold Keep I | Sir Valinayle
optimal level: 25

First of all, as of today it seems that this new quest will take the place of the old series. It's not confirmed yet but it has come with June 2nd patch. I got it after turning the old first quest Valinayle used to give and that i couldn't turn since previous big patch. "A ghost named Sir Valinayle has decided that dying once was bad enough and does not want to go through the experience again. He told me that a troll by the name of Lord Gydak has assembled a small army and is coming to destroy him. I'm not sur I trust Valinayle. Before i go running off to attack an army I want to know more information about him and his motivations." - "I need to find out more information about Sir Valinayle. He seems bound to this place, so I must assume that he was killed here. I sould search for his remains and attempt to avoid Lord Gydak and his army." => "I need to fin the remains of Sir Valynayle". There's prolly other steps after that, i'll update when i'll have more information about that.

I've some new info, as i completed it since i submitted this:
- remains of Sir Valinayle are at level 3, near point 4. When you grab them, 4 Gydak minions (level 28 i think) spawn at you.
- then you have to kill 50 undead in Stormhold (any will do, so get them at level 1 it'll be faster)
- last step is to kill lord Gydak at level 4. He'll spawn when you enter the room with his throne, with his army. His army is initialy not aggro, but when Gydak will be at something like 30% HP, they'll become aggro and join the fight. Be sure to come here with some friends. Currently Gydak is bugged, and if you have to yell for help and run, or if he depops 'cause you have waited too long to get him after he spawned, his army will stay and he'll never pop again until server reset. So be sure to come with friends, and if you see his non-hostile army in the room but not him, that means the spawn is broken, and you'll need a GM to spawn him or to wait until next server reboot.
(by Noufnouf@Lucan DLere, Storms of Vengeance

Map: F05 Stormhold Keep I

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