Heritage: The Journey is Half the Fun - The Enchanted Lands Quest

starting map: L00 The Enchanted Lands
starting location: 31 The Granary Hill
NPC: Banoo Corest
link to map:L00 The Enchanted Lands | Banoo Corest
optimal level: 35

Point 1: Runnyeye Ward. The ward is the large wooden sculpture of a head directly north of the granary. Run by for the update and head East.
Point 2: Tagglefoot Farms. Run East to the river, then follow it North and around to the East again. You'll pick up siren aggro, but they don't hurt much. You'll get the update within 30 feet of the farm's outer fence.
Point 3: Camp Ghobber. This is also called, 'Nightblood Tower.' Run north from the farm, grab the update (20 feet from the base) and EVAC.
Point 4: Goblin Pass. My map doesn't show it clearly, but it's the pass between the two mountains to the Southwest of Runnyeye. Run North from the docks and make as close to a beeline as possible for the '4' I marked. You'll get the update almost exactly at that spot.
Point 5: Lookout Stump. Run South to the giant stump, swing near it for the update, then beat feet for the granary again. WARNING: The stump update is buggy like the TS gnoll shrine. You might fail at this point and have to re-run.
The 'finish line' is close to Banoo. Talk to her to receive an interim reward and be sent on to the last step. Banoo is a sore loser, so give her a /rude for me. Enchanted lands Interim
Reward:Amulet of the Far-runner

After doing this part, you'll be asked to go to Feerrott.

Map: L00 The Enchanted Lands

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