Love Will Find the Byway Quest

starting map: H00 The Commonlands
starting location: 93
NPC: Ferink
link to map:H00 The Commonlands | Ferink
optimal level: 17

This quest involves talking to Jojo about the love problems between Ferink and his love Amoora. Jojo tells a story about Ferink's mother, asks you to remind her of Duia and give you a necklace. Return the necklace to Riki(mother) in the Commonlands. Riki is located at Commonlands #26. Riki remembers the name and admits that Ferink might be right about his choice of loves. Now go talk to Ferink. Quest reward was 4s 47c.
(by Slel - Kithicor)

Map: H00 The Commonlands

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