Kouryick the Traitor Quest

starting map: D07 Freeport: West Freeport
starting location: 08 The Freeport Militia House
NPC: Captain Rillian
link to map:D07 Freeport: West Freeport | Captain Rillian
optimal level: 15

Captain Rillian asks you to set up a meeting with the traitorous Kouryick near the dock in Longshadow Alley. You can find Kouryick in East Freeport upstairs in the Seafarer's Roost. Upon hailing he agrees to meet you in the alley leading to the docks in Longshadow. When you enter Longshadow, if you run straight you will encounter Captain Rillian again just before the center of town. Hail him, he tells you to "kill that traitor". Walk back towards the dock and Kouryick appears on the left in a doorway. Kouryick asks you to wait a second to make sure it's safe, and then Captain rushs up and Kouryick (appeared to be lvl 15) becomes attackable. Kill him and rehail the Captain there for your reward.
Reward is The Overlord's Appreciation: Neck Slot. Mitigation 23. +4 int +2 sta +3 str +15 health +17 power +88 vs cold +66 vs heat +66 vs poison An extremely nice item for about 10 minutes of your time.
(I believe there are quests you must do for Captain Rillian previous to this one)
(by Tekaje Soh'Jin, Knights of Freeport, Antonia Bayle)

Map: D07 Freeport: West Freeport

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