The Stout Merchant Manifest Quest

starting map: C01 The Down Below
starting location: 24 to Crow's Final Resting Place
NPC: Fippy Darkpaw
link to map:C01 The Down Below | Fippy Darkpaw
optimal level: 14

1. Talk to Penwiggle in the Baubleshire tavern.
2. Talk to Proprietor Blagard in Starcrest Commune inn.
3. (damn bugs) Bar in Grayston is bugged, but you can get him by standing in the side entrance as the barbarian you need is immediately to your right and can be hailed if you dont move too far in).
4. Speak to the bartender on the second floor of the tavern in Qeynos Harbor.
5. Speak to P.T. Ironsides in Irontoes East (the big tavern in the southeast surrounded by horse) in North Qeynos.
6. Return to Fippy. We tried turning the manifest in to Constable Aruthar but the quest wont branch that way
If you stay long enough fippy runs out and his partner attacks you, kill him and he drops a chest with a 2nd stout merchan maifest. Use this one to turn into the constable. Gives you a similiar attunable tunic. Light Armor skill 55, 94 or 97 AC at level 19 , +5 STR, +3 AGI, +12 HP, MP.
You have to be able to get exp from Fippys partner for the chest to drop. He was level 12 double arrow up group single mob (by Crassius, butcherblock)
reward:Nighthide Tunic Light Armor, 55 AC when orange, +5 AGI, +3 STR, +12 HP, MP


Map: C01 The Down Below

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