The Balance of Life Quest

starting map: B10 Qeynos: The Willow Wood
starting location: 03 to The Elddar Grove
NPC: Daryann Stormrider
link to map:B10 Qeynos: The Willow Wood | Daryann Stormrider
optimal level: 14

Kill 10 sea turtles in the waters near the Tower of the Oracles, After going back she tells you to kill 6 Red Feathered Hawks (immediately around Tower of the Oracles and across the rope bridge - only 4 spawns found), and finally she will send you out to kill 7 Darkclaw crabs (Head north from the Thunder Steppes griffin station quite a long distance until you encounter the beach by the giant kodiaks. Many of the crabs were orange to a level 14).
reward:2-handed weapon 2-handed weapon(for about 15lvl) or bow for all classes +3 AGI, +3 STR, +9 HP, +12 POW)


Map: B10 Qeynos: The Willow Wood

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