Cartography Fun Quest

starting map: M00 Feerrott
starting location: 33 Camp
NPC: Tarin Varinblade
link to map:M00 Feerrott | Tarin Varinblade
optimal level: 35

[you must do "Local Neighbors" quest first]

Go to the following locations:
- Mardunk's Fall (loc 03)
- Ruined Druid Rings (loc 10)
- Tower of Vul (loc 13)
- Sentinel Stones (loc 12)
- Golgoth Bridge (loc 09)
- Ogre Guard Tower (loc 28)

[unlocks "Fauna of the Deep Jungle" quest]

Map: M00 Feerrott

comments and responses

"a mapping beacon" will be given to you it will be in your inventory - when you reach the spot, you will see a message saying "the beacon is glowing" open your inventory, right click and examine the beacon you will get the update reward for quest at lvl 35 was: 53s 87c and about .05%xp
Faluma, Highkeep, Dirge
25/08/2005 06:05

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