World Event: Avenging Spirit Quest

starting map: B08 Qeynos: Castleview Hamlet
starting location: 03 The Fountain of Valor
NPC: Frup Groaak
link to map:B08 Qeynos: Castleview Hamlet | Frup Groaak
optimal level: 29

[ you must do "The Missing" quest first" ]

1. Go to Bell of Vhalen in Antonica and activate Shard of Marr. The Viragos spawns and tries to kill you. He is a 28-29 lvl.
2. Return to Castleview Hamlet.

Now you are to find the assassin that killed Giidib. Frup gives you a Shard of Marr that can summon Giidibs spirit at the pond in Archers Wood. When you ask the spirit to show you his murderer, he starts to lead you to the Tower of Vhalen. He is walking very slowly, so you can follow easily, but he also walks right across the mountains. If you lose sight of the spirit, you can summon him again any time. In front of the tower the spirit stops and disappears and Viragos, Assassin of the Hand, charges at you. He is lvl 28 and was way too high for me to fight at lvl 15, so i don't know what the reward is yet. i think he only appears if the spirit leads you to the tower, not if you just go there. will be updated once i "grow up" a bit. quest lvl 25 (by Anij, Faydark Server)

[ unlocks "When Darkness Comes" quest]

Map: B08 Qeynos: Castleview Hamlet

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