The Fleshbound Tome Speaks Again Quest

starting map: J01 Nektropos Castle I
starting location: Near gate
NPC: Uppon enter to NC
link to map:J01 Nektropos Castle I | Uppon enter to NC
optimal level: 30

Visit this locations in NC:
1.) The Blacksmith Forge
2.) Chapel
3.) The northeast-most room on floor 1, with the named Palleas in it. Where The Demise of Gascot quest starts.
4.) Game Room
5.) Everling's Dinning Room
6.) Library
7.) Prince's Bedroom (northeast corner of 2nd floor, -25, -25)
8.) Lord Everling's Bedroom
9.) Hidden Study in the Basement
10.) Lord Everling's Lab (+5, -12, -4)

Map: J01 Nektropos Castle I

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