The Avatars of Betrayal Quest

starting map: D08 Freeport: East Freeport
starting location: 09 The Freeport Observer
NPC: City Registrar Glamis
link to map:D08 Freeport: East Freeport | City Registrar Glamis
optimal level: 18

Zone: The Shattered Vale Spies have uncovered a plot between Celestial watch and the Sabertooth Clan to assassinate the Overlord. Zealots within the Temple of Light have summoned fierce avatars and shackled them to the will of the Gnoll High Shaman, hidden within the Shattered Vale of Antonica. City Registrar Glamis has ordered my guild to assemble a dozen of its strongest in defense of Freeport.
(by Paradron Stormbringer: The Storm: Bazaar)

Map: D08 Freeport: East Freeport

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