A Darkened Shard Quest

starting map: G01 The Ruins of Varsoon
starting location: Unlinked to the specific location
NPC: Darkened Azure Shard
link to map:G01 The Ruins of Varsoon | Darkened Azure Shard
optimal level: -

You must have access to the Splitpaw expansion either through Station Access or through purchase. Once you have enabled this expansion then you must type /Claim in your chat window and claim the Darkened Azuure Shard. The quest is given automatically when you enter the Thundering Steppes if you have the Darkened Azure Shard in your inventory. This must be in your inventory at all times durring this approx 1 hour quest. Examining the Darkened Azure Shard will give an image of the bone structure that is the entrance to the Sundered Splitpaw: Delving into the Darkness instances. You must head to the entrances of one of those instances to update the quest. They are spread throughout Thundering Steppes. Easy Location to find is Mirror Lake which is on your in game map as a point of interest. This site needs to add it...:) on thier map. There are 2 ways to be sent into instance. One is to be abducted by one of the abductors however the quest update will not have happened so your efforts will be wasted. You must first either sneek up to the teleporter or kill MOB's and get quest update, at which time you can choose to use it and this teleports you to the instance. I waited till i was level 38 Templar so all the gnolls were greayed out and I had more control. After getting the update you should enter the dungeon. Once inside you must find what the cave has to do with the gem. Might as well start killing everything in sight, much easier without suprises. the instance self adjusts to your current level so as i may seem you need a group to do this, solo is possible and this comes from a Templar. They will use everything you have but they are doable if your on top of things. Watch Argo as their are patrols. Target patrols first and pull back this will keep things controlled. Loot is pretty good, as in one trip came out with 3 adepts worth 2 gold from vendors. Your Goal is to find a chest which is pearched up on a rock formation find the key and unlock it. We will get to that in a bit but keep in mind you will need time to deal with this so this is why you are taking the time to clear the cave. The copper key that unlocks the chest is held by The Tesch Val Fanatic. He is the boss of the instance. To get boss you may have to resort to killing a few guards and running till he gives up, then go back and continue once you have more health and/or power. They dont respawn so if you die run back and finish, the boss off. He himself is not too hard to kill but he has 3 guards that are group with himn at start so be careful. Once the cave is clear and you have the key now is the pain in the *** time. What you need to do is to stack up the crates that are laying throughout the zone at the base of the pillar. Set two of them underneath it. One is near the Fanatic, the other is back a ways up the hallway. A third is already positioned where it should be at the base of the rock across from the chest. Basically you need to get to the chest by means of stacking the crates to jump from one formation to the next. I used all 4 boxes in the zone. You can restack once your on top of the smaller formation so you can restructure them to get to higher formation. Once they are lined up you can jump on top of the crate and then jump on top of the small rock across the way from the chest. You can then run and jump onto the crates that are stacked at the pillar. Once you are on top you can carefully grab the crate from the smaller rock and then stack it on the top. With all four crates stacked on top of one another you can access the chest. When you open the chest you will find another shard which fuses togeter with the original shard to create a Slightly Glowing Shard. This will also update your quest journal. It now speaks about the new gnolls in the Thundering Steppes and the need to discover what is causing them to come to the surface. I had to loot the chest one more time to get this shard so dont jump off till you are sure you have it in your inventory and the chest no longer allows interaction. You can now go to the Gnoll Cave in the Skindancer area of Thundering Steppes (+171, +4.8, +1052) and be allowed entrance into Sundered Splitpaw: Upper Tunnels. >From there you must work you way down to the Splitpaw Den entrance (it is called Lower Tunnels when you examine the zone entrance). Once inside you can find many gnolls to do quests for. These will grant you a number of quests which you can complete. Gaining favor with the gnolls in some manor will advance the quest, and this happens after you three of the following five quests (see related quests) Alone in the Dark Crawler's Extermination Flitch's Prank Gladiator's Triumph he Ark of Harclave When the quests advances the Darkened Shard becomes a Glowing Shard. This allows you to teleport to the Splitpaw Den from anywhere in the world. This also opens up the ability to take the raid instance in the Splitpaw Den. The next step of the quest involves going into the Anvilpaw's Grotto instance and killing Anvilpaw.
Some information was obtained from Ogaming.com Mostly rewritten however some credit to original poster.
(by Jedidiah GUK Dragonriders)

Map: G01 The Ruins of Varsoon

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