A Gift from the Serpent's Mouth Quest

starting map: E02 The Serpent Sewer
starting location: Unlinked to specific location:
NPC: Sewer Report
link to map:E02 The Serpent Sewer | Sewer Report
optimal level: 10

Kill the named snake Stench and aquire Stench's Fang. Examine the fang to get the quest. Go to Marcus Puer and he will offer to make a weapon from it. Collect 3 Snake Skin from the filthy serpents Collect 2 Drudge Goo from the Drudge Goos Collect 1 Cog Shaft from the "A crazed channel mender" Quest is Level 20 Heroic Gain 3% at 28th level and Stenchfang Rapier +1 int, +2 agi +4 str +2 wis +21 health +12 power Damage Rating 17.3 One-Handed Warrior (19) Scout (19) (by Bleach, Nekultos Server)

Map: E02 The Serpent Sewer

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