I hate the hole in the wall Quest

starting map: L00 The Enchanted Lands
starting location: 70
NPC: Deputy Stoutgut
link to map:L00 The Enchanted Lands | Deputy Stoutgut
optimal level: -

Deputy Stoutgut hates the hole in the wall and wants to do something about it.He wants you to locate the hole in the wall then retreave the plans for the wall from the village to the east. Solution-The hole in the wall is north of the deputy, head north and walk through the hole to get the first update,then head to the village to the east of the halfling lookout post and just kill any 10 villagers for the last update. head back to deputy stoutgut to complete the quest. The next quest to this is "I hate old plans". Deputy stoutgut is located at the coordinates above. (by Tanin, Academy Of the Dead, Runnyeye server)

Map: L00 The Enchanted Lands

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