Access Quest: Capturing Day and Night Quest

starting map: T08 The Poet's Palace I
starting location: Comments for this map:
NPC: The Djinn Master
link to map:T08 The Poet's Palace I | The Djinn Master
optimal level: 50

[ Quest description from OGaming - link: EQ2 Database ]

This quest is given by the Djinn Master in Poet's Palace after you complete the "In the Service of the Djinn Master" quest.

After receiving the quest from the Djinn Master use evac (or kill yourself if needed), then go back to Nhjela the Mad Poet on the third floor in poets palace. Speak with her and she will give you a book named The Twin Dragons. This requires you to have completed the Mad Poet quest.

Read it then the quest asks you to capture Barakah, the gold dragon in Maj'Dul. To spawn the dragon, you must have a gold dragon scale that drops from the Keeper of Silence in Poets Palace. You examine the Scale to open up the Scale of the Sun sub-quest and then hail the new version of Barakah.

After doing that return to the Djinn Master again, and he will send you to capture Siyamak the Silver Dragon in the same way (except with a Silver Dragon Scale). Siyamak is the Silver Dragon of Maj'Dul.

After killing Siyamak you must head back to the Poet's Palace to talk to the Djinn Master.

Completing this quest opens up access to the Poet's Palace: Return, The Djinn Master's Prism and the Pedestal of Sky.

Submitted By Aelanor Dreamspirit of Befallen / Horatious

Map: T08 The Poet's Palace I

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