At Peace With the Past Quest

starting map: EoF 10 Butcherblock Mount.
starting location: 54
NPC: Pacificator Merrek
link to map:EoF 10 Butcherblock Mount. | Pacificator Merrek
optimal level: 0

This is the First of the Quests to give faction with Quellious.
Initially on speaking to Merrek, as expected you have to sit and meditate beffoire he will talk to you. When he does - the quest is offered...
Step 1) I need to find Galabo - You can find him at 47 on the Map - again a sit and wait till he speaks to you again - he tells you his life story - you have to speak a few times to him until you get the final update - Return to Merrek.
Step 2) Feed the Yarpsnarl near Galabo - so back, this time giving food to the nasty yapping Kobold! Right Click on the Kobold and Feed - end of Quest! REWARD - Humble Alter of Quellious (for your rooms) & 1250 Faction

(by Ethiran, The Professor, Lucan Dlere Server)

Map: EoF 10 Butcherblock Mount.

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