Extermination Quest

starting map: EoF 03 Kelethin
starting location: 04 Trainers
NPC: Whitter
link to map:EoF 03 Kelethin | Whitter
optimal level: -

Level 11 Whittier explained to me that the Fae are adverse to killing unless it's in self-defense.
They place a high value on life but realize that sometimes compromises must be made in the name of safety. Clearing out some wood-boring beetles beneath the city will help protect the trees from disease and rot. (Bullet One) The Greater Faydark is home to many creatures, including various beetles that might damage the trees supporting Kelethin. I need to see if there are any of these beetles present and then destroy them. (One-A) Crystalline beetles can be found in logs on the forest floor. I should examine some of the logs and if I find any of these beetles, kill them. Will send more info as I finish the quest!
Reward: Whittier's Splinted Breastplate (Treasured, Lore, No Trade) +2 str +4 health +2 power +20 vs. disease +15 vs. poison Plate Armour, lvl 7, mitigation 48 1 silver 70 copper
(by Ciarea, Nek, Lonewolf Guild)

Map: EoF 03 Kelethin

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