Catalog: Commonlands Creature Cataloging Quest

starting map: D05 Freeport: North Freeport
starting location: 11 The Academy of Arcane Science
NPC: Sage Navarius Orvalis
link to map:D05 Freeport: North Freeport | Sage Navarius Orvalis
optimal level: 20

Catalog Quest - need to buy book for this quest. Examine it, and then find creatures:
- A Digger Wasp
- A Vulrich
- A Dune Cobrarr
- A Shin'Ree Avenger
- A Silt Shark
- A Noxious Scorpion
- A Rhinoceros
- A Savanna Lion
- A Thumping Banded Armadillo
- A Moon Wisp
- A Monitor Lizard
- A Savage Carrion Hound
- A Bay Sifter
- An Elephant
- A Mith Deer
- A Scourge Rat


Map: H00 The Commonlands

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