Hallmark (Freeport): Becoming a Crusader Quest

starting map: D05 Freeport: North Freeport
starting location: 07 Temple of War
NPC: Commandant Tychus
link to map:D05 Freeport: North Freeport | Commandant Tychus
optimal level: 10

Go to the docks of South Freeport (close to location 10). As you approach the ship docked there a man by the name of Erasmo Crane and a lady named Madelyn Tarrad mention that the ship is ready and they are going to get the others. Follow them and they will lead you to a warehouse just west of the docks. Go inside prepared for battle; three defectors will attack you the moment you enter. Once they're dead talk to the rest of the defectors. They will try to plead for their freedom and try to bribe you. After you have convinced the defectors to surrender, return to Commandant Tychus.
(by Ciusak, Grobb)

Map: D05 Freeport: North Freeport

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