Cooking With Barbarians Quest

starting map: D05 Freeport: North Freeport
starting location: 11 The Academy of Arcane Science
NPC: Sage Navarius Orvalis
link to map:D05 Freeport: North Freeport | Sage Navarius Orvalis
optimal level: 15

Book: An Old Cookbook. Kill 6 Bloodskull scouts; Read the next page; Kill 6 more Bloodskull scouts; Read the next page; Kill 10 Bloodskull Warriors; Read the last page
Reward: Complete this Quest and Cooking with Elves, and Cooking with Halflings to receive "An Old Cookbook" placeable for your home.
(by Creature (Unrest))

Map: D05 Freeport: North Freeport

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