Access Quest: Freeport to Qeynos - Part 2 Quest

starting map: E02 The Serpent Sewer
starting location: 05
NPC: Watcher Kenjedeau
link to map:E02 The Serpent Sewer | Watcher Kenjedeau
optimal level: 15

Additional info to the Bonebroker and his two the Kenjedeau dude teleports you into the room with the three bad dudes, you are not all teleported into the same room (if you are going to do this quest as a group). Different rooms, same mobs. (by Purrrrrr)

• go to: H00 The Commonlands -> 19 Turmoil Cementary
and: After a fight, open door talk to Officials, "die" (you have to) and you are teleported to Turmoil Cementary. Talk to Executioner Selindi. You cant retrive you shard, have to wait 72h.

Map: H00 The Commonlands

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