Freeport Rogue Training Quest

starting map: D05 Freeport: North Freeport
starting location: 08 Jade Tiger's Den Inn
NPC: Emissary Millia
link to map:D05 Freeport: North Freeport | Emissary Millia
optimal level: 9

You need to complete the Scout Training before you can do this. If you wish to become a Rogue, Millia will ask you to get 2 log books from Port Authority. no killing here so don't worry about fighting. Head to East Freeport, go to dock. At south part of dock you see a big buillding called Port Authority. Go to west part of building and you will notice a big door is now accessible. Go in. After you zoned in, you need to use Sneak right after zoned!. As long as guard doesn't notice you it's ok. DO NOT GO NEAR THEM!! You will be evicted and have to go in there again (or worse, Death). Note: You can jump over the counter because sight range of guards are very short. (near the wall) When you get to next room, you need to search every bookshelves and desks in room, but guard will come in here and do patrol (anti-clockwise) make sure you avoid him. If the guard is in room you cannot search the place! Get 2 log books (one fake and one real) and escape from the place. After that talk to Emmissary Millia and become a Rogue with nice items.
reward:Roguish Tunic of the Emissaries
The Emissary's Ring of the Sly

Map: D05 Freeport: North Freeport

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