The History of the Barbarians Part I Quest

starting map: B03 Qeynos: South Qeynos
starting location: 02 Mage Tower
NPC: Sage Indis Surion
link to map:B03 Qeynos: South Qeynos | Sage Indis Surion
optimal level: 10

Buy Book from sage: History of the Barbarians Part I, Read book.
1) Visit Crater Pond 2) Read book 3) Visit Collapsed Everfrost Tunnel, upper level of BlackBurrow past the anglers,and swim underwater to reach it 4) Read book 5) Visit Keep of The Gnollslayers.
Quest Only received some xp for finishing this part. (by Otheo--Mistmoor)

Map: B03 Qeynos: South Qeynos

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