Hallmark (Qeynos): Becoming a Predator Quest

starting map: B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos
starting location: 22
NPC: Counselor Vemerik
link to map:B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos | Counselor Vemerik
optimal level: 10

Required before you can level to 10. Reward: Predator class ranking.
After talking to Counselor Vemerik in North Qeynos and finishing the pre-quests, he instructs you to clear out some assassins in the Harbor.
Click on the door to The Cache to access the quest zone instance. I recommend starting Sneak before entering the building. The Assassin Leader is on the bottom floor, back left corner. I was able to sneak past everyone, kill the leader, and complete the quest without fighting anything else. (My exp was already maxed. I killed everything on the way out after getting the extra levels.) Total of 11 enemies, grouped as follows: Guard Dog, Putrid Thug, Tired Assassin at the entrance (Dog visible, others around the corner) Angry and Relaxing Brigands in the first room Blacksmith, Cook, and Leader in back 3 rooms, 1 per room. 2 Stealthy Assassins and a Brigand Lieutenant upstairs Leader was green to me at 9, others were all blue when I entered.
--- Conversation from Vemerik: You: I like having something to do at all times. I'm a predator. V: Patience ... you will be, I'm sure ... once you prove your abilities. I'm sure you're wondering what sort of test I can offer that proves you're ready to display stealth and the art of combat. It just so happens I caught wind that outsiders are plotting the assassination of a member of the city. I need you to pre-empt their plot. You: I see. Who is the target? V: Do not concern yourself with that, I'll make sure their prey is safe. Your task is to turn the hunters into the hunted. The brigands set up shop in one of the tavern rooms in Qeynos Harbor. There are too many thugs for you to defeat on your own, but if you kill their leader, the rest will disperse quickly. You: I will see to it that the task is done. V: No need to return to me when you finish the task. All that you require is the knowledge that your skills are sufficient to perform the tasks ahead of you. Prepare yourself though, for you must face this challenge alone... You: I will see to it that the task is done.
(by Aardain of Faydwer)

Map: B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos

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