Hallmark: Vale of the Shattering: Dispersing the Unkempt Quest

starting map: B05 Qeynos: The Elddar Grove
starting location: 13
NPC: Rask Helstot
link to map:B05 Qeynos: The Elddar Grove | Rask Helstot
optimal level: 14

1) You are sent out to Antonica to find and kill the druids of the Unkept order.
2) Travel to the Ring of Unkempt Druids it is NE of the Tower of Vhalen (location -1524,-183; point 30 on Antonica map) You will almost certainly need a group to kill the druids.
(by Stormwolf | Innothule)

Map: B05 Qeynos: The Elddar Grove

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