Lasydia's Call Quest

starting map: A01 The Isle of Refuge
starting location: 23
NPC: Lasydia
link to map:A01 The Isle of Refuge | Lasydia
optimal level: 5

Lasydia's Call is a quest you can get by right-clicking on the statue in a ruin-like structure not far from the waterfall, the statue will give you the water breathing spell for about 7 minutes. Your goal is to kill 10 Razortooth Sharks, upon completion you automatically recieve the Castaway Sash after the final shark is killed. The Castaway Sash is a belt for all classes at level 3, it gives you a +1 to Stamina and a +1 to Strength. Recommend level to start: 5 (by Tarotbound)

• go to: A01 The Isle of Refuge -> 24 Razortooth Sharks
and: kill 10 razortooth sharks

Map: A01 The Isle of Refuge

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