Mysterious Assailants Quest

starting map: G00 Thundering Steppes
starting location: 10 Docks and Mariner's Bell
NPC: Reinkor McCollin
link to map:G00 Thundering Steppes | Reinkor McCollin
optimal level: 25

Kill 10 Drowned Footsoldiers in Thundering Steppes.

[unlocks the "Traveler's Woe" quest]

Map: G00 Thundering Steppes

comments and responses

18s 59c at lvl 31 sliver of xp
28/10/2005 10:50
The footsoldiers seem to be few and far between all along the dead river. I found one or two that respawned intermittantly just behind the shattered valley (i think it's called, over the Centuar Bridge) that i killed everytime i passed by.
Bogrol, lvl23 barbarian
04/10/2005 16:09
what are the coordinates of the dronwed soldiers
09/09/2005 12:41
At lvl25 This quest netted....17s 59c and 1% exp. Good idea to do this at lvl20-23
06/08/2005 08:59
I got 17s 94c
11/07/2005 20:35
They are located under the Bridge Keep - they are few and far between and lvl 21 -- if you grp w/ higher then lvl 24 they tend not to pop at all.... and will con grey.....
11/07/2005 20:23
These can only be found in the valleys that head roughly SW from location 86 on the TS map. Reward is minor exp at lvl 27 (at which point all drowned footsoldiers will con grey)
03/06/2005 20:03
Was hoping to find out where these beasts could be found. I'm assuming the water, but not sure where. Oh, and the recommended lvl is 20, not 25, on the quest description. (Blue to me @ 22)
23/05/2005 00:37
Well at lvl 32 I'm not sure about exp but I have gotten 17 silver and some coper + You getting next quest
21/04/2005 07:49
you get 5silver and a bit copper and a bit xp, at lvl 21
05/01/2005 15:08

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