Hallmark (Qeynos): Becoming a Brawler Quest

starting map: B03 Qeynos: South Qeynos
starting location: 09 The Fountain of Storms
NPC: Master at Arms Dagorel
link to map:B03 Qeynos: South Qeynos | Master at Arms Dagorel
optimal level: 10

(Brawler Quest)
reward:Dagorel's Ring of Brawling
Dagorel's Brawler Tunic
1silver 33copper

• go to: B03 Qeynos: South Qeynos -> 21 Brawler's Doyo
and: enter Doyo, defeat 4 oponents, look at altar, and you are Brawler

Dagorel's Ring of Brawling
Dagorel's Brawler Tunic
Map: B03 Qeynos: South Qeynos

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