Hallmark (Qeynos): Path of the Berserker Quest

starting map: B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos
starting location: 13 Castle Entrance
NPC: Delacar Mithanson
link to map:B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos | Delacar Mithanson
optimal level: 19

1) Subclass quest - Slay 25 gnolls that pose a challenge- IE not grey
2) Report back and immediatly get teleported into a valley of gnolls. You have to kill the 3 leaders. take your time and work your way through to the leaders, don't get more than one group at a time and keep in mind you can bypass some of the mobs. Head back to the starting point and talk to Dworn to exit.
3) Return to Declare for reward
Reward: Declare's Axe of Savagery (two handed axe)
(by Stormwolf | Innothule)

Map: B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos

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