Krasa isn't Taking it Anymore Quest

starting map: D10 Freeport: Temple Street
starting location: 03 Condemned
NPC: Barmaid Krasa
link to map:D10 Freeport: Temple Street | Barmaid Krasa
optimal level: 10

Annoyed by her "beautiful" sister Krysa, Krasa asks you to tell her sister's worst enemy...Spezi the street hag (who is near the Architects' Bureau).... that she will leave the doors open that night. Spezi is very pleased to hear this. But the reward is exp + 35c(roughly)...ahhh well if you want to do ALL quests...Sigh!!!...mind you Spezi would do well in Kings Cross on a dark looks but tries hard.
(by Azaziel)

Map: D10 Freeport: Temple Street

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