Into The Crypt of Betrayal Quest

starting map: B05 Qeynos: The Elddar Grove
starting location: 06 Arbos the Elddar Tree
NPC: Wesaelan Brookshadow
link to map:B05 Qeynos: The Elddar Grove | Wesaelan Brookshadow
optimal level: 22

lvl is 20+ this is a acces quest you can only get this quest after you have done quest recovery of bloodsery plans and quest unraveling the bloodsaber plots - i must speak with allora reed at the temple of life in qeynos - reward "charm of rodcet" +3 int +2sta +4str +18health +14power +80vs cold +60vs heat +60vs poison armor class 21 (34at lvl30)
(by plur)


Map: C02 Vermin's Snye

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