Hail to the Tallon Heroes Quest

starting map: K00 Zek
starting location: 23 a Gravestone
NPC: a gravestone
link to map:K00 Zek | a gravestone
optimal level: 30

I have learned of the Tallon Brigade heroes having gravestones in the area. I will keep an eye out for the gravestones of the Tallon Brigade heroes." - Collect Tallon Brigade hero gravestones.(have 5)
(by Ballet)

Map: K00 Zek

comments and responses

+480, -16 (right next to Bootstrutters guide to west zek stone)
14/10/2006 10:45
+702 -54
20/06/2006 04:22
In the first harvesting area from the docks. You just have to be patient & wait for them to spawn. If you see a crate most likely a gravestone will eventually spawn around there. The reward is a choice of one of 4 items, ring, plate helm, shield, piercing weapon.
Gillysan - Najena
05/08/2005 07:33
Appearantly its random locations. I have yet to find a single one for ANY of the Tallon, Vallon, or Sullon.
Garmah, Highkeep
17/05/2005 11:54
You can go back to ones you've already click and get updates as well, just have to wait for them to repop
10/05/2005 20:08
+684, +32
Thessaloniki, Runnyeye
25/03/2005 10:59
+684, +32
Thessaloniki, Runnyeye
24/03/2005 11:23
Tallon: +162, -20 +173, +121 +483, -102 +411, -308 +425, -7 +554, 34
Thessaloniki, Runnyeye
24/03/2005 11:21
I wish I could say where I have found these all, but they were found while completing the bootstrutters quests. So far I have found: 2 Derris Heroes gravestones. (and the stone that gives the quest of course) :3 tallon gravestones : and no Vallon gravestones, but i do have the quest for it. On of these was given off the shore near the long mean bridge headed to the castle. Keep your eyes open, and run around alot... (ps the entire trip from dock to castle can be done without agro) Frenzy, Lvl 30 Templar, Solo.
26/02/2005 14:31
I finished Vallon and according to everything I've read, all 4 of these tombstone quests give the same reward, most of them are bad, only the DW weapon is any good. I might do another one just so I have 2 of these weapons, but they can't be used until level 35, I'm not sure how good of a weapon this will actually be at level 35. I might have much much better by then.
24/02/2005 13:46
I've found Vallon stones in the first treant area before Bloodstone Valley, one right near the road and one in the middle of one of the packs of cats; I've also seen one (twice in the same spot) just past the druid ring behind the same rock where there is a clickable chest. I've only found one Vallon stone, tucked into the edge of Bloodstone Valley on the SE side near the smokestack thing.
23/02/2005 03:33
They do exist. There is 4 different for all types of orcs found in Zek. Tallon, Vallon, Sullon and the fourth one I never remember (was it Rallon?). Gravestones are found near thet type of orc. Tallons are near ZI and hard to find as so many people run around there. Vallons are north of the ZI near Three Toe's Watering Hole. Sullon is after second gate on way to citadel and last one is at the lake that is under Bridge of Zek.
11/02/2005 10:33
I have seen Vallon gravestones but not Tallon ones. Anyone finish this quest and can give me some reassurance that they exist?
11/02/2005 02:27
I've only ever seen one Gravestone besides the quest giver
10/02/2005 07:52
Any input on this quest?
08/02/2005 23:29

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