Hallmark (Qeynos): Path of the Warden Part II Quest

starting map: B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos
starting location: 06 Temple of Life
NPC: Aurora Elianas
link to map:B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos | Aurora Elianas
optimal level: 19

Hello again, Now you are going to be revisiting your good old friend Aurora Elianas. Who will give you your second quest when you complete the first one! So for those people that like breaks inbetween quests... Well.. this quest isn't for you! *WARNING*This is alot harder than the first one! You cannot have a group you will be entered into a duegon and nobody can enter but you. Be at least level 19 for this.*WARNING* *Advice* Once you have they quest you will need to get to Sir Wemblys tomb. Best bet for you all is to pick up a group of a people that are higher then you or alot of people as a escort to Sir Wemblys tomb. Thus you won't have to stop and fight every ten seconds! *Advice* Now let us embark to the Vermin's Snye where Sir Wemblys tomb is located. To get a waypoint to the tomb type its cordinates 181,-197. If you get lost along the way use the map this website offers you! It helps out alot. You have made your way past several zombies and skeletons now it is your time to shine! Run up the stairs enter the door. Wait for yourself to zone in. Now this part is the hardest part. You have to fight your way and kill a mage and then use the escape door or call to qeynos. Now there is six skeletons(Blue if level 19). 2 is in each solo group. Take them one at a time. Use nettleshield and your SoW along with other buffs you have aquired. Move them back to the door as there is a gaurd that walks around that is white(If your level 19). Kill skeletons then the walking gaurd then start to move up. Take the blue(If you are level 19) bunch of 3 skeletons and kill them. Then your last battle till you become a warden. This battle is pretty easy. So do not freak out! There is a man behind the desk. Take your melee attack then cast a DoT (Damage Over Time) Spell and hit him with smite and chill until you kill him. Quest journal updated tells you to go back and talk to Aurora Elianas (527.69, -187.83) located in the temple of life(North Qeynos) located to the left of Disciple Telas`velle. Either go through vermin syne till you get out or call of qeynos back. And go to North Qeynos. *Reward* When you meet her and check in your quest. You will recieve no MONEY. But some experince points and a staff Staff stats is +2 int +2 agi +2 str +3 wis +11 health +11 power And... The biggest thing of all... IS you are NOW a WARDEN! Congradulations. This has been another CodeRed Exclusive guide to The Tower of dreams. Have a good time play EQII as a Warden. Send a tell to me ingame if you have any questions.
(by CodeRed Static Mistmoore)

Map: B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos

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