Access Quest: Searching The Depths of Fallen Gate Quest

starting map: H03 Fallen Gate
starting location: Unlinked to specific location:
NPC: Illucide's Journal
link to map:H03 Fallen Gate | Illucide's Journal
optimal level: 20

Access Quest for The Sanctum of Bone. Illucide's Journal is trigger- rare chest drop. Read journal. Goto North Freeport to Academy of Arcane Science Read books on table loc 11 -128 Books read as section 1 paragraph 4, Section 2 Paragraph 6, Section 3 Paragraph 5 These numbers are the order of the combination of the chest Find 3 items. Urn- Found in second marketplace loc 188 -68 Spell- Found in second marketplace on 2nd story of the 3 story house in a bookcase loc 193 -112 Chest- Found in Bulls Pit at the bottom of FG loc -30 -204 combo is 1,4,2,6,3,5
Reward is Fallen Dragoon Bangle 20 Health 12 power AC 35 at lvl 30 Magic Affinity 120 min 150 max left/right wrist. Also gain access to The Sanctum of Bone.
(by Vorvax)

Map: H03 Fallen Gate

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