Ruins of Varsoon: Revealing the Entrance Part II Quest

starting map: C02 Vermin's Snye
starting location: 09
NPC: Zaen Kalystir
link to map:C02 Vermin's Snye | Zaen Kalystir
optimal level: 20

Final leg of the "Ruins of Varsoon: Revealing the entrance" quest. Zaen asks you to kill the undead druid in the Crypt of Betrayal and retrieve the key. The undead druid is named 'An Archaic Fury'. It should be about level 21 -22 but hits very hard. (ie at 23 he was blue^^) After you are done with this go and see one of the mages in the SQ mage tower and he asks about the key you wearing around your neck. Leads to a new quest called "Tomes of Life and Death" The reward is Keep of Immortality Key. Im horrible with /loc and maps but i can draw his wandering path if you like. Also can send you a pic of the keys stats and the next quest journal entry.
(by Hokanu Shinzawai)

Map: C02 Vermin's Snye

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