A Rediscovered Shrine? Quest

starting map: F00 Antonica
starting location: 57 Windstaker Village
NPC: Riason Hanagom
link to map:F00 Antonica | Riason Hanagom
optimal level: 25

Riason sends you in search of a lost shrine in the southern region of TS. The shrine you are looking for is the shrine of Vul'Zet (Riason calls it a shrine of Bertoxxulous upon completion). Walk right up to it to update quest and return to Riason. Reward: Xp, 10sp 95cp and Ring of Rextula (14 ac @ max lvl 17, +4 health, +2 power, +11 sv disease, +11 sv heat )
(by Kvasir Skullsplitter, Faydark Server)

Map: F00 Antonica

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