Hallmark (Qeynos): Becoming a Enchanter Quest

starting map: B03 Qeynos: South Qeynos
starting location: 22
NPC: Magister Niksel (obsolete)
link to map:B03 Qeynos: South Qeynos | Magister Niksel (obsolete)
optimal level: 10

Level 9-10 to obtain Enchanter status, you are directed to Wayfarer's Rest where unruly bar customers cannot be controlled. I tried for quite some time to kill all of the customers but they continue to spawn and to brawl. Finally I wondered if the timid bartender may be the key, and although he ultimately was not, going to explore his area was worth the time...
(by Alirah, Level 10 Enchanter)

To calm the patrons, find and kill the Dark Elf instigator hiding behind the crates and barrels (by Bukranion)

Map: B03 Qeynos: South Qeynos

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